Subscription Prices

Options are available in the app to set up recurring subscription payments, or choose single payments. Every option below is a guaranteed locked subscription price at the time you create a login.

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New Moon - Tracking With Some Mapping

$3.00/ month (Locked Subscription Price)

Relatively estimates phases of the cycle, just like other period tracking apps but better. Included are some menstrual cycle mapping topics and journaling to help with accuracy.  Reliability based on participation; typically casual - a day per week.

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Half Moon -  Mapping Half The Phases

$12.00/ month (Locked Subscription Price)

Typical subscribers of the Half Moon subscription would have fitness or elite performance interests. This subscription includes discomfort therapy, more journal topics, and mapping half of the menstrual cycle. Tracking accuracy is based on participation; a few days or more per week.

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Full Moon - Mapping All Phases

$21.00/ month (Locked Subscription Price)

Typical subscribers of the Full Moon subscription have professional & elite performance interests. This subscription includes discomfort therapy and complete mapping with all journal topics. Targets and maps the full menstrual cycle for athletic and life activity. Reliability based on daily participation.

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Pause - Hold Subscription or Grace Days

$0.00/ day (No Time Limit)

You may need to pause your subscription for one of many reasons. It’s not lost on us that your life activity hasn’t stopped. We believe you still need a journal so when your subscription or grace returns to normal, the mapping is uninterrupted. Please, go ahead. We can allow you to do basic journaling for a limited time to keep menstruation dates, times, flow, and consistency in your profile. Any days remaining on subscription, feature, or grace is restored.

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Subscription Add-Ons.

Additional features are available to add to your subscription.

When You Knowsm

60 Days No Cost tracking.

It all starts with registration. The registration page collects:
• Your email address. (We don’t see the need to collect more.)
• Acknowledgment that you are 18 years of age or older.
• Acknowledgment that you read and agree to the Terms of Use.

A welcome email is sent to the email address you registered.
• In that email, you’ll receive Instructions to get to the login page.
• An authentication code is also sent to use on the login page.

When navigating to the login page the first time:
• You will be asked to provide the authentication code.
• You will be asked to establish a password.

Once you have a secure profile, you’re in!

You have access to the App and can begin journaling your cycle right away. 60 days grace, no cost.

Locked Subscription Rates

Subscription rates are locked when you register. Your prices stay the same, even if your subscription is paused and then restarted. Any time you come back to the app, even if subscription prices increase over time, your prices stay as they were on the date you registered, never increasing.

In the subscription purchase, you can set up recurring subscription payments or choose a single payment.

Add-on features, Products, and in-person service prices are not subject to locked subscription pricing.

Data Fidelity

We don’t have any intention to sell subscriber or participant data. That is NOT how we make money! Nor do we believe anyone’s data should be sold or bartered. We prefer to face subscribers honestly about how we make money. We sell an ethically based, technology subscription that presents wellness data in a meaningful way.

Data fidelity is our promise. We don’t want to be “pretend” ethical data stewards. We want to be the example by which the standard is set! That is why we collect as little personal information as possible and the information we do have, is secured and obscured.

From the Red Moon Recovery point of view, subscribers and participants allow us to use their data for service to them, only them!

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