Chari Hawkins

United States
Elite Track & Field Runner


”When Coach and I started working with Samara and Red Moon in 2019, I was one of those people that would have one period the whole year. Once we started tracking my period with Samara’s menstrual cycle mapping and following her instructions as part of my training, my period started coming back in closer intervals. At the time coach and I were so new to training around my menstrual cycle that when Samara would tell coach things like, “Chari should not jump this day or week or Chari will not be focused during a particular time of our training cycle because she will get injured”; we believed her but we still did what she told us NOT to do. And each time we did that we would get in big trouble with Samara because I would randomly twist my ankle or trip over a hurdle and get hurt as my cycle. I was the guinea pig for Red Moon in the beginning of what happens when we don’t work with my menstrual cycle and what happens when we do. “



2021 U.S. Olympic Trials, sixth (heptathlon)
2019 World Outdoor Track and Field Championships, Qualifier
2019 USATF Outdoor Championships, bronze medalist (heptathlon)
2022 USATF Indoor Championships, gold medalist (pentathlon)
2022 USATF Indoor Championships, gold medalist (pentathlon)