Red Moon Recovery's Mission.

We advocate not to suppress female biology, but instead, embrace it and use the stages of the cycle to your advantage.

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Data Fidelity Statement.

Our Values

Our Responsibility As
A Technology Company.

We want to be able to face our app participants honestly.

We don’t sell individual user data to anyone.

We sell an ethical, subscription based technology as a tactical training tool that allows female athletes and fitness enthusiasts a comprehensive way to empower their menstrual cycle.

We provide a technology service presenting female wellness data in a meaningful way.

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Red Moon Recovery Different.

60 Days
No Cost Tracking

Register your email address, verify your authentication code, establish a password, and you’ll have access to the app for 60 days grace, no cost.

Data Fidelity

We don't have any intention to sell subscriber or participant data. We sell an ethically based technology subscription that presents wellness data in meaningful way.

Locked Subscription Rates

Subscription rates are locked when you create a secure profile. Your subscription rates stay the same, even if your subscription is paused and restarted. Any time you return to the app, even if prices increase over time, your prices stay as they were the first time you logged in, never increasing.

Bestow your account to someone else!

If you don't need to map your cycle anymore, you may bestow your subscription, and your locked rates, to any one email address of a daughter, niece, or friend . . . any person you want!

The Red Moon Team.

The People Behind Red Moon Recovery and the Menstrual Cycle Mapping℠ technology.

Samara Gregorio

chief executive officer

With 27 years of experience as a physiotherapist for professional track and field athletes and international athletics federations, Samara's insights into the physical, mental, and emotional nuances of an athlete’s mindset are unique. Samara is a physiotherapist, educator, and researcher; speaks four languages; and has earned advanced degrees in Physical Education and Physiotherapy. Her doctoral study at the Osteopathic School of Madrid is directly related to regulating the menstrual cycle.

In addition to other advanced certifications, Samara has a certification from Healing Hands Holistic Massage School, which aligns with the holistic health approach taken by Red Moon Recovery.

Shelia Burrell

chief operations officer

An esteemed two-time Olympian and highly accomplished NCAA Division 1 Coach, Shelia combines 22 years of coaching experience with a successful competitive track and field career. Shelia's leadership and strategic planning have led to numerous accolades and advancements in programs she's worked with. She's collaborated on various injury prevention strategies for female athletes, enriching her knowledge of athletic recovery.

As Director of Track and Field at San Diego State University, Co-President of the Women's Running Coaches Collective (an organization that actively amplifies the power of women in coaching), her work as a coach education clinician and keynote speaker, her international reach, and her strong academic background have all helped shape Red Moon Recovery to light a global beacon for women’s wellness.

Ken Callaway

chief technology officer

Ken has more than 31 years of principal experience in technology and business economics. His industry endeavors include environmental, statistics, logistics, energy, and medical. He has been behind developments that improved fellowship programs offered to Olympians and originating platforms for Menopause educational campaigns.

Ken’s words on the Red Moon Recovery App: “I designed Menstrual Cycle Mapping℠ to take in as little or as much data as you want to give. You can enjoy it the way YOU are! You will get out of the app as much as you put into it.  It's your body, your time, your goals. Just like your menstrual cycle, the app provides an individual experience. It's a relationship that evolves.”