Michelle Fokam

United States & Cameroon Citizen
Track and Field Athelete


"Samara has been a big help for me as an athlete. She has helped me sharpen my mind through various techniques of visualization and helping me have a deeper understanding of myself as an athlete and a woman. Samara is a wiz when it comes to Red Moon's Menstrual Cycle Mapping! This is something I had never heard of before but I have now realized how important it is for me. Before Red Moon, I often struggled to compete/practice during my period. Through cycle mapping she has helped me optimize my training and manage my emotions. It's crazy because I was able to figure out and feel when I'm at my peak performance throughout my cycle. I just want to say thank you to Samara for her investment in her work and her investment in me. I've truly benefited."



NCAA Track and Field All American
US Olympic Trails Qualifier
Currently Competing for Cameroon
2022 G-Usa Women's Indoor Track & Field Champion